Toys for age : 5 years

We have range of both activity books and educational toys and games for kids of age 5 years. Panther items are developed in a logical series to ensure that the child is assisted throughout their growth rather than haphazard learning.

Alphabet Flashcard English
Code : TY6156
Singithi Hodia Puzzle
Code : TY5524
Sri Lanka MapSri Lanka Map Reverse
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Sri Lanka Map
Code : TY5760
Singithi Wachana - 2L
Code : TY5340
Wachana Hadamu - 3L
Code : TY5203
Tamil Alphabet Puzzle
Code : TY5616
Singithi Hodiya Dasun Path
Code : TY5456
Step by Step Sentence Construction
Code : TY6040
Malalaich Chotkal 3
Code : TY6514
Ludo Sankes and Ladders
Code : TY5272