Color Boxfile Laminated F4 50mm

Corporate customers like to maintain the same look and feel of throughout their office by having consistent color throughout their filing rack. Panther supplies the solution of 50mm lever arch boxfiles. So the customer who prefers a lever arch over a ring binder could store his files using a smaller clip. This comes with a fingering to pull the file from its stored location, and a fastener to hold the filed sheets down. This range consists of 12 colors, which are gloss laminated. This is the shortest lever arch clip we have in our range. A 50mm lever arch file can store approx 250 F4 80gsm sheets and the papers are held in place with a fastener. Each file comes with a useful 30mm thumb hole which allows you to easily remove the file from a shelf.

Boxfile 50mm L-Silver
Code : BX4411
Boxfile 50mm L-Light Blue
Code : BX4404
Boxfile 50mm L-Purple
Code : BX4398
Boxfile 50mm L-Pink
Code : BX4381
Boxfile 50mm L-Red
Code : BX4374
Boxfile 50mm L-Yellow
Code : BX4367
Boxfile 50mm L-Orange
Code : BX4350
Boxfile 50mm L-Light Green
Code : BX4343
Boxfile 50mm L-Maroon
Code : BX4336
Boxfile 50mm L-Dark Green
Code : BX4329
Boxfile 50mm L-Dark Blue
Code : BX4312
Boxfiile 50mm L-Black
Code : BX4305