Maroon colored stationery

We have a range of Maroon colored paper storage solutions, which include boxfiles, magazine holders, document holders and ring binders and black colored notebooks, notepads. Currently we have 14 colors in our range and constantly expanding. In our Maroon color we have solid colored stationery and designs, which allows our customers to choose which ever they prefer. Make your office and home colorful and lively by mixing and matching our colors to suit your taste. These colors are ideal for companies looking to implement 5s organizing in their office.

2Ring File L-Maroon
Code : BX4534
Boxfile 50mm L-Maroon
Code : BX4336
Boxfile 75mm L-Maroon
Code : BX4084
Slim 2Ring File L-Maroon
Code : BX3834
Magazine Holder L 4-Maroon
Code : BX4749
Magazine Holder L 6-Maroon
Code : BX4916
Document Holder L-Maroon
Code : BX3681