Stationery Assorted Files

Along with our main Boxfiles and Ring binders we also have files that fasten papers using File laces and plastic clips. The Panther files that fall in to this category are listed in this section. The flat files are ideal for short projects where there wouldn’t be too many sheets of papers and the duration required to file the sheets would be short. The Panther Legal 4 hole files are more focused on storing important documents, contracts and other important documents. Many government institutions, lawyers and legal firms use Legal size papers for official work. The legal paper size is used for Land title deeds, contracts and official documents. Normal boxfiles can store a sheet of maximum height of 342 mm, this is why this file is necessary for this purpose. We incorporated 4 holes to ensure that the punched document would be securely fastened. This file is the tallest file in our range of files. Panther legal 4-hole laminated Black file along with the Black comes in 3 colors. With the