Ledger 2 Column

Panther Ledger 2 Column books is ideal for stake holders of a business, they always need to know the financial health of their company. To ensure that they have a healthy company, it is essential to keep a track of the business transactions carried out by the company.

This columnar book features hardbound permanent storage, and a laminated blue or green cover to protect cover from moisture to some extent. We are proud to say that we maintain top-quality printing and construction.

The book comes with a single page format and pages lay flat for ease in reading and writing. Each page consists of 31 rows. The book can be sectioned per account per page. And each page has columns for date, reference number, description of the transaction, folio number, debit, credit and remarks are the available columns. Please note these column names are not mentioned on the page.

Ledger Book 2 Col 80P
Code : ST3001
Ledger Book 2 Col 120P
Code : ST3018
Ledger Book 2 Col 160P
Code : ST3025
Ledger Book 2 Col 200P
Code : ST3032
Ledger Book 2 Col 240P
Code : ST3049
Ledger Book 2 Col 300P
Code : ST3056
Ledger Book 2 Col 360P
Code : ST3063
Ledger Book 2 Col 400P
Code : ST3070
Ledger Book 2 Col 500P
Code : ST3087
Ledger Book 2 Col 600P
Code : ST3094
Ledger Book 2 Col 800P
Code : ST3100
Ledger Book 2 Col 1000P
Code : ST3117