English Activity Books

Our range of activity books have been developed together with Ms. Rushika Ratnayaka, the first book of the range Panther My Book of Patterns, introduces a child to holding a pencil and drawing different patterns to familiarize them with using a pencil. The next book of the series introduces the Panther my first writing book builds letter recognition while associating each letter with their sounds. The Panther First, Second and Third activity book helps expand the child s reading and writing skills. The range of 5 English work books have been included in primary schools as alternative writing guides. The Panther First Number Writing and Activity book introduce children to numbers, and teach them sequencing, time, addition, subtraction and other number functions. The workbook range helps to keep children occupied and are priced at a very reasonable price. In 2016 we introduced the Sinhala workbook in line with the preschool curriculum. Manufactured in Sri Lanka.