Welcome to Panther, our mission is 'Developing fun and safe products to build knowledge and creating trendy and positive environments through functional products'.

Sri Lankan based manufacturer of Educational toys and games for children, Fancy Stationery, Notebooks, Notepads, Accounting Stationery, Boxfiles and other paper storage solutions.

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About Us

A brief introduction about our company

Panther is a unique brand which was founded on passion and commitment. Panther products are produced in Sri Lanka and developed to give the consumer a high quality product. Every product that is developed is unique as it has been developed with a passion for color and design.

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Our Product Catergories

Educational Toys

A range of toys from Ages 0-6 years, to introduce numbers, letters, words to a child

Board Games

Encouragement of interactive games helps build communication skills, and togetherness within peers and family members. Our range of Sri Lankan Traditional games encourage to keep older generations to connect with children. &

Accounting Stationery

Many small businesses need to keep a track of the daily expenses and incomes, our ledger and sales day books help keep a tab of your expenses.

Paper Storage solutions

For companies who prefer to oragnise their documents subject wise, our range of colored paper storage solutions help ensure that is easily done. We have a range of boxfiles, ring binder, magazine holders and document holders

Note pads

We have a range of spiral, bound notepads, which come in a range of sizes A4, A5, A6, A7. And each item has a variety of cover designs and page options.

Hard Cover notebooks

Our range of hard cover notebooks come in A4 size which is the Cr Super range. While the A5 hard cover diary notebooks come in a varierty of covers. We have close to 10 different cover designs. We also have elastic banded A5 Journal.

What Panther Stands for

  • Our products are designed and manufactured in Sri Lanka.

    Panther items made in Sri Lanka logo
  • We make safety a high priority when developing edu toys, and all our toys confirm to the EN-71 standard.

    Toys made under EN-71 certification
  • In order to ensure that our production standard is maintained throughout our range of products and our opertations, we are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

    Panther acheiving ISO 9001
  • Our Edu Toys are developed to ensure that it assits in the brain development of a child.

    Panther toys awaken childs mind
  • Majority of the components used to manufacture our products could be recycled.

    Panther Eco products
  • As all of our products are manufactured by us inhouse, we are able to customize individual products to certain extent to suite your requirements.

    Panther customizable white label