Singithi Hodiya Book

Singithi Hodiya Book
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Singithi Hodiya book helps busy, curious toddlers explore their world and develop their vocabulary with first words! This robust board book features a word for each letter and will withstand many happy hours of looking, holding, exploring and reading. Kids entering pre-school, Montessori can use this as a guild. This book has a matte lamination which helps protect the book. Many parents have included this in the child akuru kiyaweema tradition. The real life images will be loved by parents and children alike, where the child can easily identify the object compared to an unnatural cartoon character. Each page has 4 letters with corresponding images that start with that letter. The book has 7 pages. The book is designed in the most economical manner to ensure that this product is widely available for children in all income groups.

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  • Age Group : 3
  • Age Group : 3
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