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First Number Activity Book

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Code : TY6071

Barcode : 4796000466071
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Panther My first number activity book, starts by teaching the child to write numbers 1-20, where the first line instructs the child to the method of writing the number, and then the second line gives the child a brief guidance where to start the number from, and the 3rd line the child has to write the number on their own. The next part of the book consists of activities where the child has to draw pictures to the corresponding numbers, and other activities like count and write the number. The book then moves on to sequencing. The introduction to addition, subtraction is done in this book. Finally the book looks at subjects of measurement, Time, less, more ,long, short, sorting, fractions and money. The book consists of 48 pages in A4 size printed in black and white on 80gsm high quality paper. The publication was developed by Ms. Rushika Ratnayake who is well educated in the field of child Psychology and speech and drama.

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