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Our Vision.


Making learning Fun and Easy & creating solutions for colorful, organized workspaces.

Our Mission.


To develop educational aides that target every aspect of a child's learning through different methods ensuring that they are fun and safe, and function driven modern stationery solutions to help people to be productive and organized.

Our Values.

Supply Panther items on time at the expected quality

Our products include features and functions that exceed customer expectations
- toys : 4 puzzles instead of 1 puzzle in a box - stationery: rather than only one file size (F4, A4, A5, Bank Slip) - : paper storage solution come in over 10 colors

We work with reliable suppliers to ensure that the uniform quality is maintained
- Some suppliers we have been working with for over 20 years. - We always request for test certification from the raw material suppliers when onboarding them.

Consumer safety is are our utmost concern with the raw materials and finshed products
EN 71 for toys Glue, Board used for Toys and Stationery have SGS and other test reports

Innovation through trend setting is something we aspire
Amazing series, once the child has completed the puzzle they can scan the QR code and get more infomation regarding the animal,bird or place.

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Raw Material Different types of raw materials

The current requirement of board required is imported from China, and the paper from both Indonesia and India. However substitute products are available at 20% less, from various other suppliers. The main board and paper suppliers we work with, are FSC (www.fsc.org) certified, as we are a company who is both responsible for the environment and society. And when selecting our paper and board we ensure that the dust content of the material is minimum as this can affect both the employees and the working environment. The Adhesives and the inks we use have been tested, and the chemical content is safe for children.A very high quality coated clip is imported in order to ensure that the customer has a reliable box file. The file is offered to the customer with a one year warranty. Hence, definitely our prices are slightly higher in price, but we compensate the customer with a high quality product and reliable service.

Q. Safety Aspect Panther Safety logo

We take a upon the responsibility of ensuring that all products manufactured by us are safe to use by the consumer. When designing products we ensure that the product would withstand general use for reasonable period.

When it comes to toys, over the years we have kept improving our safety standards, and including enhanced safety aspects when designing our products. The accepted testing in the European Union is the EN-71 test, out of this for puzzles and game boards the crucial tests are the first 3 parts. We at Panther ensure that our jigsaw puzzles have rounded edges as much as possible. Which requires extra design time when preparing a jigsaw die.

The raw materials used to manufacture the toys pass the chemical tests. The main componenets in manufacturing are the glue and paper and board, they all have the required testing to certify them as safe.

Panther Range of items making great products image

At Panther we believe that when developing a products rather than developing an individual product its always better to offer the customer a range of products. This would provide the customer with options and not compel all the customers to purchase the same product. As each individual’s needs and wants can vary. When it comes to stationery we try to offer the same items with different designs, and an individual design have a number of complementing products. For the toys this is extremely important, where for example our word building products, it starts with introducing letters, and then progresses on to building simple words, and finally ends up at developing sentences.

Q. Who Makes Panther Products Our team image

We work with a staff of 100 employees as at March 2020. Where the split is 60 female and 40 male. We are proud of each team member who puts in an effort to ensure that each product is of high quality and safe to use. Our production technique is a mix of both manual and automated production. We always strive to incorporate new technology in to our production techniques. We have a welfare association that is been established within the employees together with the management.

Our recruits are not always trained staff, it’s a mix of school leavers who are unable to continue their education due to family or financial difficulties. When such staff is recruited we would initially train them in house, and if we identify them as skilled in a specific aspect we register them for a course in their area of interest.

It is a company policy to not to employee children under the age of 18. But there has been some occasions where due to circumstances the child above the age of 16 requires employment. In such an event we First get permission through the NAITA , and through their approval, we train them in various aspects of binding and printing. The authority closely monitors these recruits and on completion, they receive a certification as a trained under the NAITA program.

Our company has a welfare association, which is a partnership between the management and the employees. Through this, employees are provided with financial relief to when having to face unfortunate situations like a loved one passing away, and there is a loan scheme at a subsidized interest. The welfare association also organizes company get-togethers and a company cricket match.

How Panther products are Made

We had systems setup in different section of the company but we realized that we required some fine tuning in order to stream line our whole operation. In July 2017, set out on a mission, to get the world renowned ISO standard certification for our company before January 2018. And with the advise of professionals, we were able to link all our isolated systems to one system. In December 2017 we achieved the goal, and we are a now an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

We have started encouraging our employees to practice 5s in the work place. We enrolled a team to get the inital training in 5s, and they were appointed as the 5s champions and through them we have been implmenting 5s in the factory.

Q. Expanding Panther products in to Foreign Markets exporting items

Since the early 2000s we have been doing small scale exports to different countries. Most of the contacts we received were through participating at the Nuremberg toy fair . Then with the assistance with the CBI we were able to receive a training in how to be effective at an Exhibition and they sponsored our participatio at the Paperworld Fankfurt Exhibition for 3 years. We were able to secure a Portugal order, and a few small test orders. These did not turn in to regular orders. We have also participated at the Paperworld Dubai Exhibition. Through these exhibition and various other contacts, we have been able to export Panther items to
• United Arab Emirates
• The Seychelles Islands
• Singapore
While we also do a regular customized order ( White label or Private Label) for a Norwegian aid organization named FORUT organization . With this customer we develop products together and manufacture the items for the them.

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