Panther | CR Super Liyawela Lami 300P
CR Super Liyawela Lami 300P

CR Super Liyawela Lami 300P

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Panther CR Super Liyawala, is a CR book that consists of 300 pages. With a popular cover design which has the traits of ancient Sri Lankan design.CR books are school books have a sheet size of A4. This is generally used by high school students. The books consists of multiples of 40pages. They are known as CR1, CR2, etc, which would be 1 x40= 40pages. CR books used in a professional environment require a more stronger cover and thicker paper, this is the reason Panther CR Super is a range are sewn, and bound with a hard cover and consist of 70gsm ruled papers. These books start from 200 pages and come in multiples of 100 pages.