Panther | Nursery Rhymes (Baa Baa)

Nursery Rhymes (Baa Baa)

Code TY5708

Barcode : 4796000465708

Age group: : 3
No. of Pieces: : 25
Size of Puzzle : 200mm x 200mm
No of puzzles: : 4
Box size: :
Paper :
Information :
Ruled :
Pages :
Video : : Panther Watch video

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Panther Nursery Rhymes, Baa Baa Black sheep puzzle, is a jigsaw puzzle. This box includes the popular nursery Rhyme Baa Baa Black Sheep which is broken down in to 4 scenarios, where each image consists of a caption from the nursery rhyme printed below. Each puzzle has 25 pieces. Each puzzle has rounded corners to ensure the safety of the child during play. This educational toy has been developed to ensure that this product is available for children in all income groups. This product has been designed for children over 3 years.