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My Third Activity Book

My Third Activity Book

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Age Group : 6
Number of Pages : A4
Size of book : 300gsm Cover
Laminated : 64

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Panther Third English Activity book looks at exercises where the child has to arrange words in alphabetical order, complete passages with missing words, unscramble jumbled words and sentences, this book looks at the parts of a sentence which was introduced in the Second activity book in much more detail. They are nouns, collective nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, punctuation, singular and Plural, opposites, sentences, conjunctions, sequencing, riddles, comprehensions, letter writing, And then the practical application of the parts of sentence that the child was introduced to. The book consists of 64 pages printed in black and white on 80gsm high quality paper. The publication was developed by Ms. Rushika Ratnayake who is well educated in the field of child Psychology and speech and drama.